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OctopiWellness empowers physicians to guide patients with plant medicines. 

In allopathic medicine, patients rely upon their physicians to tell them what to take – and how to take it. The system works because patients trust their physicians, and physicians trust the recommendations they make are based upon rigorous clinical studies validating drug safety and accuracy, as well as standardized dosing protocols.

What is OctopiWellness?

Empowering physicians with the latest information about plant medicines so they can guide their patients to better health.

Created by physicians, for physicians, OctopiWellness has been working to fix this imbalance in physicians’ knowledge and give them the tools needed to understand and guide patients in their non-pharmaceutical use of plant medicine. With 300 data points amassed from thousands of anonymized patients over the past decade, OCTOPI Wellness is the answer.

How Does OctopiWellness work?

OctopiWellness is an annual membership service designed to fit your needs. Using the latest data on plant-based products, with the scientific results from both patients and physicians, OctopiWellness helps individualize solutions to improving your health. 

How OctopiWellness works

OctopiWellness is an annual membership service designed to fit your needs. 

Patient Membership

Receive access to a team of medical professionals, the latest products and dosing protocols.
  • Products are vetted for quality and efficacy.
  • Target dose is calculated on a patient-by-patient basis relying upon historic data and in depth questionnaire.
  • We are on call for you 24/7 to answer your questions.

Physician Membership

Connect with patients in a unique way.
  • Physician education- full library of the latest studies and patient results.
  • Access to the latest online medical education program.
  • Products/dose- Products are vetted and doses are calculated using over a decade of data.
  • Drug on drug interaction- P450 interactions and how products work best within the ECS system
  • We are on call for you 24/7 to answer your questions.

The History Of OctopiWellness

OctopiWellness was created in 2010 by Mara Gordon to give physicians the data on plant-based solutions with the goal of improving patient health. 

Designed by physicians and for physicians, it has been well received by over 10,000 patience since its inception.

We Give Hope

We Eliminate Fear

We Offer Choices

We Listen

How Our Process Works

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What happens next?

We believe in treating the individual rather than the symptoms of the disease. Every individual has unique circumstances, which is it is vital to us to gather enough information so we, as your guide, can provide comprehensive solutions.

Physician is educated about ECS and plant medicine.
Step 2
Physician provides dosing instructions.
Step 4
Patient provides feedback to physician.
Step 6
Patient receives delivery of medicine.
Step 1
Patient completes intake form.
Step 3
Patient selects from recommended products.
Step 5
Physician works with patient to refine protocol
Step 7